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Amazon Tech Community Speaker
Phone Tool Badge

We all know Amazon! I had the opportunity to help create a Phone Tool Badge for their Tech Community. They wanted something employees had the ability to earn by being a speaker to the Tech Community. Amazon has a system where employees can earn virtual badges to put by their names in the staff directory. The badges are small, 120x30 pixels, so information needed to legible and not too crowded.

The Process

I started the design process with a creative brief about Amazon and what was needed. We explored the Style Guide, the vision of what we wanted the badge to look like, and requirement of all badges in the system.

Once that was thought out, I started sketching different versions of what the badge could look like. After seeing work, the client liked the microphone option the best. However, they wanted to try adding Peccy, the Amazon mascot, speaking into the microphone. The idea was that the speaker was speaking to a large audience.  


The client loved it. However, due to the icons being so small, they felt the Peccy needed to go. It would be hard to see with such a small badge. They wanted more color and a slightly different alignment. The final product was used as template for years.

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