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Olively Day

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Olively Day is a high end olive oil brand which appeals to those who want something fun. For this brand, I created a logo, secondary logo, bottle design with three variations of flavors, and ads for their marketing campaign.

The Process

I started the design process with a creative brief about Olively Day. We explored the image the company wanted, target market, and competitors.

We wanted to do something fun so we decided to have a nice looking bottle with punny titles. Olively Day is a play on Lovely Day. I created some mood boards to show what different options are for the bottle design.

P2 Mood Boards3.jpg
P2 Mood Boards2.jpg
P2 Mood Boards.jpg


I then began sketching logos and different bottle designs. We knew we needed to get the bottle right first to showcase in the ads later.



After narrowing down some of the designs, I began to digitize the labels for bottles. We were still working to figure out the look we were going for.

Choosing the Bottle

When researching the shape and size of the label, we needed to figure out what type of bottle we wanted to have. For most olive-oils, a clear green bottle is used. We looked at that option, but also considered a completely opaque bottle. The benefit of the completely opaque bottle would be to protect the olive oil from light as well as be able to make it stand out as a more upscale product on the shelf. Once we settled on a bottle, we were able to work on the neck labeling and secondary logo.

Creating the Ads

I wanted to the ads to show off the clever names and have imagery which mirrored the silliness of the brand. I also wanted t make sure the awards were featured so customers understood this was a top notch olive oil. I went through the normal process of research, sketching, and digitizing. Then I needed to reformat them to fit the different medias needed. We did poster size, magazine size, and one for grocery cart advertisements.

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