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Breckenridge, Colorado is a beautiful city that offers outdoor activities all year round. They are often thought of as a ski town, but they have events and festivals in Fall, Spring, and Summer as well. We wanted to focus on marketing the city as a tourist destination no matter the season. 

For this project, I designed on a fun new logo, marketing booklet, cleaner website, and other materials with design elements featuring the new branding.

Breckenridge Logo2-25.png
Breckenridge Logo2 Peaks-31.png
Breckenridge Logo2-15.png
Breckenridge Logo2 Peaks-32.png
Breckenridge Logo2-24.png
Breckenridge Logo2 Peaks-24.png
Breckenridge Logo2 Peaks-31.png

The Process

This design process started with research. I explored the changes in image we were going for, target market, and what makes Breckenridge special.

Once that was thought out, I created mood boards looking into different logos and brochures that we liked. We decided we wanted something with movement that featured some element of the outdoors.


Then I began to sketch out different styles for the logo and ideas for icons we could use. I played with different animals, outdoor activities, movement, and other nature elements.

PXL_20201116_151403214 (1).jpg
PXL_20201116_151413014 (1).jpg
PXL_20201116_151420846 (1).jpg

Digital Logo Drafts

We narrowed down from there and I began to digitize the ideas. I tinkered with several different versions and tried different elements to see what would work best.

Color Palette

We also started to look at color during this process. I wanted a color pallet that tied the outdoors into the brand. After a bit of searching, I found a perfect mountain sunset! It pulled in different shades of green and oranges. 

Brochure Mock Up Cover Draft 1.png


When working with the brochure, my first goal was to use outdoor shots and really bring in those bright sunset colors. Once I got it layed out, I wanted to bring in those mountain angles to tie in with the mountain theme the logo uses. Eventually, I ended up with the mountain silhouettes. They were created with the outlines used to guide the bottom of the logo.


Of course for a vacation destination, you can't forget the merch! I created a few items of merchandise people can pick up at a local shop featuring the new branding.

Pocket Shirt reduced.png


For the website, I had a similar thought process. I started with our angles and bright colors, then scaled back the colors and fine tuned icons. Eventually, I brought in the mountain silhouettes and added more pictures.

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